Nature By The Yard will provide your library with an exciting, interesting and educational program that incorporates the use of fiction and non-fiction books to inspire the participants to read more about the topic. We can visit your library during the day for a nature preschool storytime that incorporates a story, hands-on materials and craft, after-school for older children to explore an amazing array of topics, and evening or weekend for families. Some possible themes are list below, but contact us to discuss custom designing a program to meet your library’s individual needs.

Fireflies of the Night
Whether you call them lightening bugs or fireflies, the magic of these insects has been shared by children and adults for centuries. Nature By The Yard will come to your library in the evening for a close look these amazing creatures’ lives through story, discussion and history. We will venture outside to catch some of these beloved signatures of summer just as they begin to light the night sky. This program is designed to align with the 2012 Summer Reading Theme “Dream Big”.

Animal Coverings
With the use of skins, feathers and live animals, we will take a close look at some common animals and discover how they are different and the same based on their body covering.

Skull Identification Workshop*
In this hands-on workshop, the kids will learn to use a dichotomous key to identify some common mammals by their skull and teeth. We will also explore how the size and shape of an animals’ teeth determines what food it eats. This program is appropriate for children in grades 3 and up.

With live and preserved specimens, as well as puppets and other artifacts, we will explore the amazing diversity of the insect world and learn how animals and plants alike depend on them. Come find out what role these diverse and fascinating creatures play in the balance of nature.

Art in Nature^
Nature has always been the inspiration for art. From the earliest paintings to present day, the materials and the subject of art has come from the natural world. We will explore how nature has influenced art through the ages, paint with flowers and learn ways to use nature in art projects at home.

As one of the most beloved member of the reptile group, turtles are not only interesting, but ancient animals dating back to the dinosaurs. We will take a close look at these animals that carry their homes on their back, read a story and create a turtle to take home.

Door to the Underground *^
There is a whole world that live just beneath the soils’ surface. We will take a close look at the plants, animals and other unknowns that make their home under our feet.

* Great Idea for February National Children’s Dentistry Month.
**Program was originally designed to complement the 2008 “Catch the Reading Bug” theme.
^This program was originally designed to complement the 2009 “Get Creative at your Library” theme
^^Program idea for May’s World Turtle Day.
*^ This program will be designed to align with the 2013 Summer Reading theme “Dig Into Reading”